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Allahabad Bank was founded in 1865 by a group of Europeans in the historic city of Allahabad. It was a quiet beginning to what today has become India’s oldest joint stock bank with a business of more than Rs. 331000 crores. The Bank has also registered its presence abroad through one overseas branch at Hong Kong and a representative office at Shenzhen, China. Today Allahabad Bank is on the threshold of becoming a bank of global stature, as it spreads out to the world at large.

The Bank has undertaken strategic planning in order to strengthen financial foundation through both geographical and product diversification. Bank is implementing Financial Inclusion Programme for last three years through its more than 2840 branches including 1131 Rural & 592 Semi-Urban branches throughout the country. Our Bank is having Lead District Responsibility in 17 dustricts with 17 operational FLCCs and 19 R-Seti’s. Bank has been opening BSBD accounts through services of Business Correspondent Agents (BCAs).Till now more than one million BSBD account have been opened by BCAs through ICT based BC model.

Our Bank is adopting holistic approach in meeting the known Banking requirements of excluded segment of the society. We provide a host of products and services to the FI customers as per their genuine needs in effective manner.

In the recent times, the Bank has emerged with a brand image of oldest as well as dynamic and growing in Indian banking circle.
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